High Quality Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is highly intelligent, loyal, able and willing to please its owner. Corgis are extremely active and are good with children so long as the dog sees humans as above him in the pack order. Protective and sturdy, they make fine guards, and excellent show and obedience dogs. Wary of strangers, it should be properly socialized and trained when it is still young. 
We welcome and give you a very warm thank you for showing interest in our Pembroke welsh corgi puppies. We have available male and female corgi puppies for sale. Our puppies have been raised in our home with kids and other home pets, they have received basic home training, potty trained and home trained. If you are interested any of our cutie puppies; don't hesitate to email us or fill the contact form and we will be sure to get back with you within 24hrs